She held our hand through the whole process.

Suzanne Osborne

We have known Cindy for a long time in fact as long as I can remember, so of course when we decided to find a new home we called upon her to help. We had no idea what went into buying a house or even just looking for one. First, she let us know that we needed to go to the bank and get approved for a loan. Being on a smaller income we knew we were not getting our dream house. The next thing was to see what area we would like to live in I of course wanted something closer to town but my husband wanted away from town so Cindy showed us areas that would suit both our needs and wants which is a tall order considering my husband and I are two very different people to make a long story short we eventually found a home and everything was great until I saw it it was what we both wanted and then we got over bid and I was crushed, mean while still waiting to hear about another house my mother, our preacher another friend and Cindy went to check on one that just came open my mom called and told my husband he said go for it we trust your decision. Thinking I was the bad luck charm Cindy indulged me by not making me go look at the house, finally, the day before we closed I went and saw what is now our home. I left the fate in where I would lived for the next 5 to 10 years in her hands and would do it all over again when we are ready to buy another home. She has held our hand though the whole process finding it, helping me with putting my personal touch on it, and she is still there to answer any questions we still have to this day.