Justin Elam: Your Local Real Estate Expert and Community Stalwart

Meet Justin Elam, a true Statesville native with a deep connection to the community of Iredell County. Born and raised locally, Justin's roots run deep, and he has proudly called Statesville his home throughout his entire life. His commitment to the local community is not only reflected in his real estate career but also in his role as a full-time Statesville Fireman.

Justin's educational journey started at North Iredell High School, where he graduated in 2000. Eager to expand his knowledge, he pursued higher education at Mitchell Community College, earning an Associates Degree in Computer Programming and Computer Information Systems. This foundation in technology would later complement his career in the housing industry.

In 2003, Justin embarked on a career path that ignited his passion for real estate. Working for a modular building company in sales, he quickly realized his love for the housing industry. This realization prompted him to obtain his real estate license in June of 2005, marking the beginning of a successful and fulfilling career.

Since joining Tarheel Realty II in 2007, Justin has not only obtained his brokerage license but also achieved the Accredited Buyer Representative designation. His exceptional knowledge of the buyer's market and expertise in the foreclosure market make him a phenomenal agent, providing valuable insights and guidance to his clients.

Beyond his role in real estate, Justin's commitment to public service is evident in his full-time position as a Statesville Fireman. This dual dedication speaks to Justin's character and his desire to make a positive impact both in the real estate arena and in ensuring the safety and well-being of his community.

When working with Justin Elam, you can expect a local expert who understands the nuances of the market, a professional with a strong educational background, and a community stalwart committed to serving his neighbors. Whether you're navigating the real estate market or seeking safety and security as a fireman, Justin is a reliable and dedicated presence in Statesville.