A little about me

I pride myself on providing honest, open, and timely communication to everyone I do business with. Having been in sales my entire professional career, I believe this is the only way to build great lasting relationships. I love meeting new people, finding out what makes them tick, and building trust and connections so that they know I’m all in 110%. Whether it’s selling consumer goods and launching $100 million + accounts with large retail clients or helping you find your next home or project, just know that I’m committed to seeing each deal through and making sure my clients are satisfied. A home purchase is one of the largest commitments you will make throughout your life. Not only is it a financial undertaking, but it will cement who you and your family become and the types of bonds you will create as you embark on your life goals. My aspiration is to see that you love where you live so that you and your family can grow in a house that isn’t just four walls and a foundation, but one that is truly a home.