Jacqui Pendley: Balancing Family, Community, and Real Estate Dreams

Meet Jacqui Pendley, a dedicated wife, mother, and passionate real estate professional residing in the vibrant community of Statesville. In the Pendley household, alliteration is a family affair with Jacqui, her husband John, and their two daughters, Jaidyn (16) and Jaiyme (11), proudly sharing the initial 'J' in their names—a delightful family touch that adds a unique charm to their lives.

Despite the hustle and bustle of family life, Jacqui finds joy and fulfillment in a variety of activities. In the limited spare time she has, she's committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoying workouts and exploring the outdoors through hiking. Her love for sports extends beyond personal pursuits, as she takes on the role of coaching her 6th grader's basketball team at Statesville Christian School, embodying the spirit of teamwork and mentorship.

A proud member of Beulah Baptist Church, Jacqui values the sense of community and shared faith that the church provides. In her commitment to giving back, she dedicates her time to volunteering every week as a counselor at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Statesville. Jacqui's altruistic spirit shines through as she supports and uplifts those in need within her community.

Jacqui entered the world of real estate in 2020, and it quickly became more than just a career—it became a passion. Her favorite aspect of being a real estate professional is witnessing people achieve the American dream and build wealth through homeownership. For Jacqui, real estate is not just about transactions; it's about helping individuals and families realize their dreams, secure their future, and create a lasting legacy.

In Jacqui Pendley, you'll find a real estate agent who not only understands the market but also appreciates the profound impact of homeownership on people's lives. Balancing family, community service, and a thriving real estate career, Jacqui is the dedicated professional ready to guide you on your journey towards achieving your own American dream.